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The semester is almost over!

The goals of the ECA PREPARATION class were to help prepare you for taking the ECA test, as well as improving study habits and analyzing skills.

As a comment to this post, critique the content and style of the ECA PREPARATION class. Comment on some of the material that we did in class, as well as how we learned it. You have the ability to change this class for students next semester.

Your input would be greatly appreciated.

~Miss Foor

Daily Math Problem 12/12/11

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There are 356  spots left on the sticker chart. There are 7 classes of math students. Write an inequality showing how many stickers each class has to earn in order to receive a pizza party.



Daily Math Problem 12/1/2011

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It’s December!!

How time flies! :)

Yesterday we talked about probablity on the packet…. Specifically drawing a heart card out of a deck of 52. Since there are 4 suits, the easy way to figure this out would be to divide 52 by 4.

Now try this:

What is the probability of selecting an ace (A) out of a deck of 52 cards?

Try to show your work within this post.

Daily Math Problem 11/30

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Find the slope of (9,3) and (1, -2)

Daily Math Problem 11/29/2011

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Yesterday we reviewed Slope-Intercept Form.

Today we will review multiplying and dividing fractions.

Solve this equation for x and y.

1/2x + 3 =y

Show your work as best as possible (I know that it may be difficult to type on the computer). Try your best.

Daily Math Problem 11/28/2011

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Let’s review!

Give me a situation in which the following equation could be used.

y = mx + b

What does each variable in the equation represent and how could it be used in your real-life situation?


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Every day we will have a Daily Math Problem. This is to get you thinking about the lessons that we have covered, and what will be covered today.

  • The problem will be presented in the Daily Math Problem post.
  • You will need to copy the math problem in your journals
  • Begin to work on the problem.
  • When you think you have found the answer, post the answer as a comment to the Daily Math Problem post.
  • You will receive credit for posting the comment.
  • I will comment on your posted comment to let you know if your answer is correct.
  • If the answer is incorrect, go back to your journal and try to find what you did wrong.
  • When you have corrected the problem, repost as a new comment.

Hello world!

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